November 25, 2010

Some Clichés are Worth Embracing

Listing out the things for which I'm grateful: I know this sort of post is a dime a dozen today. More like a penny a dozen. And yet.

I have been feeling emotionally puny this year as the holidays approached. Hence the long silence. It's taken everything I have lately to be a good friend/parent/co-worker each day, leaving little in the emotional reserves to be present with my friends inside the computer. I miss you all!

I've also been feeling a lot of powerful gratitude lately for things both big and small. Here are seven at the front of my mind this Thanksgiving:
  1. TiVo. How I love you, you little box of escapism.
  2. My toasty bed on a cold night
  3. The kids both being old enough that we can share in a joke together
  4. Our weekly family story time in front of the fireplace
  5. The always-singing, pretending-to-sommersault, sparkly-eyed little two-year old that Mari has grown into
  6. Watching Eddie discover this year his gigantic, emerging talent for building and creating and figuring out how things go together
  7. You. And you. And you, too.


A Life Being Lived said...

We've missed you on the blog! Take all the time you need to regroup and recharge....thanks for everything you have done to support and promote open adoption and adoption awareness.

mama2roo said...

Love and miss you Heather--hope all is well in your world. Thankful for you!

Geochick said...

"Emotionally puny" - what a great way to put it! :)

cynthia said...

I am grateful for you! Your writing always resonates with me. I'm hoping we get to meet for real in less than a year....

Kristin said...

You - and all you've shared about your life and open adoption - are on my long list of things both big and small for which I am grateful.

Take good care of yourself, lady.

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