October 15, 2010

At Bedtime

"Mommy, am I your five-year old baby?"

"You are my five-year old baby."

"I'm your BIG baby."

"You're my big, big baby."

"What about when I'm bigger and bigger and an adult?"

"Even when you're 35 and 45 and 75, I'll still be your mommy and you still be my baby."

"Just a giant baby! What about when Mari is bigger?"

"She'll always be my girl-baby and you'll always be my boy-baby."

"Even when I'm 105!"

"Even then."

"I like that."

"Happy birthday, buddy."


Anonymous said...

Aww, this reminds me of that storybook that makes me cry.
Love you forever by Robert Munsch.
I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be.

Anonymous said...


Lori (in MI) said...

Just lovely.

Anonymous said...

SO sweet. Love these kinds of conversations.

My 3 year old has been talking to me about how I'll still carry him when he's as big as Daddy.


Tammy said...

:) what a sweet kid!!!

cynthia said...

Love this. We have these conversations a lot, too. Plus, he still makes me carry him like a baby even though he is more than half my size and looks like a tiny man.

Deb said...

Awww, Happy Birthday Big Giant Baby Boy

Angry Third Mom said...

So sweet. Mine aer 19 and 21, and they're still my babies, always will be.

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