August 07, 2010

A Saturday List

Thirteen things I didn't know ten years ago:
  • That $160,000 Los Angeles bungalow was actually a steal.
  • The crusts aren't any more nutritious than the rest of the bread. (Oh, the lies my mother told me!)
  • There are worse things than being overweight.
  • I'd never grow out of my inner slob.
  • Changing diapers isn't that big of a deal. You do it so much you just stop thinking about it.
  • Brushing kids' teeth, on the other hand, is a remarkably annoying chore.
  • It's easier to brush a resisting child's teeth if you make them laugh.
  • It would turn out that I wouldn't be my children's only mother.
  • That wouldn't make my experience of family any less meaningful.
  • The strongest memories often come from the smallest, quietest moments.
  • Few things suck the joy out of life faster than giving into envy.
  • The internet--at that point just a source of information, email and mid-workday diversions--would also be a place where I would find real friends.
  • Blogging isn't just for writers.


cindy psbm said...

The cost of things seemed mind-boggling when I was younger too

What a different a few years makes in perpective, eh?

Prabha said...

Oh how I relate! Loved your list.

Claudia said...

what a great, GREAT list. I especially relate to the difference between diapers and tooth brushing.

And yeah, the fact that I wouldn't be my babies' only mother, but that doesn't make us half a family.

I'm not sure if I've commented before, but I really love your blog. This post sums up why!

Lia - not Juno said...

I didn't know any of things! Are you serious about the crust? Is there like, a mom convention where they all get together to perpetrate that lie because they're tired of cutting the crust off of bread?

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