June 02, 2010

Help Wanted

I'm looking for a person or persons to help with the Open Adoption Bloggers list. First, someone who doesn't mind doing some easy behind-the-scenes clicking once a month or so to help keep the list tidy. Second, someone who understands what the heck is going on over at Facebook. (That place is exhausting! And confusing!)

If that sounds potentially interesting to you, let me know!

ETA: Facebook-er secured! Still looking for a friendly clicker.


Deb said...

Would love to help be your clicker. Now that I'm back up and running online again I'm about to post my post for this round.

Rachie317 said...

I can totally facebook and click until my little heart is content - I am on FB about 4,598 times a day anyways... :) Lemme know what you need!

Heather said...

I emailed you both!

JenJo said...

If you still need help with the OAB list, let me know!

And if you need back-up help for FB I can do that as well.

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