November 08, 2009

Three Beautiful Things #16

Three beautiful things on a November evening...
  1. Children giggling as they lie down to sleep
  2. A tart sweet warm caramel-ly bite of apple crisp
  3. Kind words in my inbox 
What is beautiful in your world today?


mama2roo said...

1. this freakish, yet beautiful warm weather.
2. a day of no fighting to get ready for daycare/work (ahhh, peace!)
3. my bosses out of the building so I can get MY work agendas accomplished today!

Anonymous said...

1. My son asking to give my puppy dog a treat.
2. Achieving 501 c3 tax exempt status for my non profit
3. 70 degree weather in November

Pickel said...

1.children talking in their sleep about wrestling with dad... fevers
3. children saying they want to read

Andromeda Jazmon said...

1. Brothers who can play legos together
2. My 4yo Puck doing a "project" on the kitchen floor with sissors, old magazines, & a cardboard box.
3. Even better: when Puck invites Buddy to join him

I love when you do these posts! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I will be honest Heather.. coming here was a little hard for me,. I am a visitor through Stirrup Queens and open adoption isnt even in the realms of possibility for us.. given I am an australian lesbian. I didnt know what to read or where to look, so I clicked surprise me and it brought me here.

I dont have a child.. or means for a child at this point. I dont have a lot of happiness to tap into.. so I have to look to little things.

My persian cat makes me happy.
My wife makes me happy
thats all I got today.

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