November 01, 2009

Obligatory Halloween Post-Mortem

For Halloween, Puppy dressed up as a Holy Crusader and Firefly went as a monkey.

I kid, I kid!

Puppy was a wizard, Firefly was a cat and it was all quite fun. Although Todd tells me the wizard costume would not have flown with his parents during his childhood years. Too evil, apparently. But they actually did dress him as a Crusader one year. The calculus on that one is a little fuzzy for me.

This year was the first time we tried that popular candy swap/fairy/game/bribe thing in which the kid gets a toy in exchange for their candy. Firefly turns into an itchy, miserable mess (or worse) whenever she ingests even a small bit cow's milk right now. That rules out pretty much all Halloween candy involving chocolate or caramel. She didn't give a rip about the candy this year, aside from playing with the crinkly wrappers. But I had visions of future Halloweens with Puppy gloating over his giant haul and her with a sad little pile of Skittles and those awful Smarties (Rockets, for all you Canadians). We thought we'd offer Puppy the choice of trading his stash for a toy, to see if we could get a little pattern going for next year.

I honestly thought it wouldn't work. Who would willingly give up big bag of candy for some little toy? I love me some candy! Especially fun size candy! So tiny and tasty! But Puppy was really excited about the whole idea and woke us up early babbling about the toys that magically appeared in the candy basket overnight. It was like it was Christmas morning. Actually quite fun.

His biggest question was where exactly all the candy had flown off to. I told him his guess was as good as mine.

That may not have been entirely true. (Burp.)


Lori said...

One house we visited had little rubber ducks mixed in with the candy. Clearly a toddler dwells in that house because it was our toddler's fav. He didn't care about the candy at all but kept pointing out his duckukie. (Yes, that is spelled correctly) Glad to hear the trade went well. We'll definitely be borrowing that idea in the future.

Sonya said...

Our Halloween candy disappers after a couple of days and mysteriuosly reappears in the kids' Christmas stockings...saves money, helps out Santa! Can't beat it!

Jess said...

I love it! I've never heard of that or thought to try it!

However, I totally did think of the stocking thing last night! Heaven knows we don't need more candy! :)

mama2roo said...

Crackin' me up!

This was the best trick or treat year for Woob! The imagination and dressup stuff just rocks right now!

Heather said...

@mama2roo - Four was definitely the best trick-or-treating age so far. Puppy was old enough to be excited and walk around the neighborhood, but too young to want to go to a billion houses.

Heather said...

@Sonya and Scott - That's a smart idea! Although I had a greedy little mental inventory of all my candy as a kid, so I don't know if my parents could have gotten away with it.

Sharon said...

Oh, I feel you on the limited candy choices for kids with food allergies. My little guy is limited to Dum Dums, Smarties and Skittles, too. He's allergic to milk, as well as egg and peanut, which pretty much rules out everything yummy. He doesn't care much right now, but it's gonna be rough in a few years.

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