September 06, 2009

Three Beautiful Things #15

Three beautiful things, I'm-riled-up-and-need-to-find-the-calm-still-center edition...
  1. The tiny, deliberate voice of a one-year old carefully practicing her newest word

  2. Piling with a book under a warm duvet cloud while rain falls in the dark outside

  3. Finding yourself in the middle of not one, but two lovely books
And you?


Andromeda Jazmon said...

1. kids with new haircuts right before school starts.

2. kids in new cozy pjs

3. monarch butterflies floating over the garden on a lazy afternoon

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Jamie said...

1. laughing and crying through "julie & julia with my sisters by my side.
2. waking up to the sound of rain and thunder ~ smiling knowing that my husband got up with milo and i still get to snuggle under my cozy covers.
3. hearing milo say "mama" for the first time even though it was while he was screaming in his carseat as we were driving. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved "interpreter of maladies" too!

Deb said...

1. Lazy holiday weekend home with my daughter.
2. Hugs from my 1 year old that make my heat melt over and over again.
3. The fall and all it involves.

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