August 19, 2009

Odds and Ends

Tonight, Firefly is laughing in her bucket swing in the backyard. Puppy is excitedly gearing up for his birth dad's visit. ("When Ray is here and we eat dinner, he will sit here next to me. You and Mama will sit over there, across from us.") Todd announced that he is finally shaving off the Summer Beard Experiment.

Life is good.

There are some new pictures up at the not-so-secret blog, for those of you who are interested. (Just email me if you'd like access.)

They're from a Celebrating Adoption session we did with a local photographer. Celebrating Adoption is a national network of photography studios that will do one free portrait session for families who have recently adopted. I learned about the program too late to take advantage of it after Puppy's adoption, so I was glad we got the chance this time around. (I wish it would celebrate domestic first parents as part of adoption, too, since everyone likes great pictures with their kids. But it is what it is.) The kids look fantastic and the husband is quite handsome. I'm trying to go easy on myself because I had barely gotten off my post-op bedrest when they were taken and was still hurting a good part of every day and, shows.

What are you all up to in these dog days of summer? Puppy starts preschool in some shockingly short amount of time that I can't be bothered to calculate right now. He is decidedly nonchalant about the whole thing, which amuses me to no end. Firefly is rocking eighteen months and throwing opinions around right and left. Everything is so FUN! Except when it is so horribly SAD! And she must EXPRESS HERSELF AT ALL TIMES! LOUDLY! Todd is practically wriggling with happiness about returning to coaching football for the first time since Puppy was born. I'm trying to eat every peach and tomato I can get my hands on, because when they are in season around here they are stupendous.

Like I said, life is good.


Jamie said...

oh, it does sound like a wonderful summertime! :) i love hearing about places where people can actually leave their homes during the day in the summer months! :) (here in AZ it's WAYYY too HOT! :))
peaches sound heavenly also!

those photos are absolutely beautiful!! thank you so much for sharing!! :)

hope548 said...

The photos are beautiful and I think you look fantastic! Your have a lovely and very photogenic family!

Anonymous said...

Celebrating Adoption sounds absolutely BARFALICIOUS to me!

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