July 16, 2009

3BT #14

Three beautiful things, summer day edition...
  1. Finding a cluster of perfectly ripe berries tucked behind a leaf, warm from the sun, begging to be picked

  2. The wet squishy sweet tart burst of a blackberry on your tongue

  3. Simply walking hand in hand
Your turn.


Anonymous said...

1. Fresh, juicy watermelon, dripping down your fingers.

2. Cool breezes and iced coffee under green leaves.

3. That first step into the ocean, sparkling, cold, after burning your toes on the sand.

How are you feeling? My WV is "wably," perhaps that is appropriate?

Anonymous said...

1. Hearing my son say new words and expressions

2. Having the day off to spend with him

3. Buying him a toy that so wasn't necessary but that he will LOVE

JenJo said...

1. Lying by the pool and feeling the sun soak into every cell in your body and refresh and renew you.

2. The evening smells of charcoal grills and summer flowers.

3. Being able to sit on the porch at 3 am in next to nothing and not get the slightest bit chilly.

I love summer. It is my absolute favorite time of year. Summer always makes me feel like a kid again.

Jamie said...

okay ~ well summer is SUPER SUPER hot where i live but i'll try and think of some things instead of complaining all day long about how sick and tired we are of being cooped up in the house. :)

1. evening swims in the pool
2. amazing sunsets
3. the deafening sound of cicadas in the trees that take me way back to my childhood. :)

Sally Bacchetta said...
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Sally Bacchetta said...

1. Lying on the grass under the cottonwoods and looking up through the canopy of leaves.
2. Turning the sheets down and finding a wilted dandelion pressed onto my pillow.
3. Tiptoeing into my daughter's room and cleaning sticky dandelion milk off her fingers while she sleeps.

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