May 27, 2009

We Keep Things Mellow

(I meant for this to be my first crack at a Wordless Wednesday post, but it turns out I MUST HAVE MY WORDS.)

Lest you think that conversation was the only thing that happened at our house on Mother's Day: There was also a homemade banner courtesy of Todd and Puppy.

And there was tasty coffee cake. Mmmm, breakfast breads.

Firefly didn't really contribute much to the morning, aside from hugs and giggles. I cut her some slack, seeing as how she can't talk or write or purchase goods and services, but next year she'd better step it up.

Then we went for a walk along the river.

Sometimes everything you need in that moment is right in front of you. Those are beautiful days indeed.


Kischa said...

Looks so peaceful - our family loves taking walks and bike rides.

Tammy said...

perfect. Simple is the best here too.

Jamie said...

i LOVE moments like those :) So glad you had a few of those too. :)

Deb said...

Very sweet and so very true!

Kristin said...

Maybe it isn't wordless. But it would be an absolutely ideal Perfect Moment Monday post.

Guera! said...

Sounds so lovely. I am sure Firefly appreciated your understanding! Besides...what she gave you was priceless right?

In Due Time said...

Sweet. Thanks for sharing.

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