May 12, 2009


It is strange the way we often feel compelled to speak just to acknowledge a silence, isn't it?

Silences are scattered across my life right now. An email from a dear online friend sits unanswered, weighing on my heart. A thank you note remains unwritten. Phone calls go unmade. And, of course, this space. I have been feeling tender and vulnerable, and those feeling have drawn me close in to myself.

Life is not silent, by any means. I have a little boy who narrates each moment as it is lived and a baby who sings her way through the day, demanding crackers every ten minutes. (She does the ASL sign for cracker wrong, on the inside of her arm, and looks like a tiny addict pounding for a vein.) I'll add some noise of my own soon.


luna said...

sometimes the silence can be deafening.

reflection is good though.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this quiet bit of laughter as I envision your cracker junkie.

Tammy said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. The silence in my own space would be deafening if the noise around me weren't so loud. I long to write, to speak, and there is no space for it. Hugs to you and your babies. talk soon.

cindy psbm said...

The cracker thing is hilarious!!
you have made me laugh when I have been grumpy all day, thanks.

I often feel compelled to fill the silence when there is no apparent need to do so.
It is challanging to just let the the queitness be when it just begs to be filled sometimes.

Sam said...

Thanks for the ASL link... good stuff. We actually just bought a baby signing book yesterday for Ukulele. I hope she uses it as much as Firefly does ~ and is just as entertaining!

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