March 29, 2009

3BT #12

Three beautiful things, back-from-vacation-and-trying-(unsuccessfully)-to-
not-freak-out-about-the-fact-that-I-can't-get-my-work-computer-to-turn-on edition:
  1. That first, perfect bite of pizza. It is somehow the only moment when the ratio of crust to sauce to cheese to topping is just right.

  2. A baby leaning in, full-body, for a hug, stretching their arms out as if certain they can wrap them around you if they only open wide enough.

  3. The first early blossoms on the cherry trees, white and pink against a still-grey sky. They surprise me every spring.

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luna said...

I'm loving #3 right now too. still hoping for #2, and dreaming about #1.

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