February 19, 2009

For All the Eagle-Eyed Readers

Some lovely people pointed out that I dropped a name in my last post (which, thank you for, by the way--I would hate to accidentally out someone). It wasn't an accident, but I probably should have said something first.

I was getting tired of all the initials floating around, and I know they make people less real to me on other blogs. Also, Puppy's first mom and Firefly's first dad share an initial, which would be uber-confusing.  I quite appreciate blogs where people are named things like Husband, OldestChild, MiddleChild, etc. Easy to follow. I'd give everyone fun-but-not-corny-yet-easy-to-follow nicknames here, but I'm not that creative.

So, names it is! Let me introduce you to my previously-initialed cast:
  • Puppy was born to Kelly and Ray.
  • Firefly was born to Beth. Although I'm rather fond of calling her Ms B, so that one might stick around. Her first dad's name is Kevin.
  • I'm married to Todd. Who just told me he'd rather go by Tron on-blog. We'll see. (No, we won't.)
If you're worried I'm revealing too much, erm... don't.

And if anyone would like to suggest a tidy nicknaming system for the lot of us, please, by all means, do so. I'll send you a big box of cookies.


abebech said...

I don't know -- Tron is pretty cool. You could go with horrible, overbudget, failed cinematic experiments for everyone's nickname.

luna said...

wow, you were up even later than me last night.

that must be easier than initials. does anyone know about the blog, ms. be especially?

hi to tron.

cindy psbm said...

I got tired of calling the son that I placed my 'birthson' so now I call him Toby in my blog. Its not his real name but it makes me feel good to call him that.
I believe you are really someone who likes the details.
It's a treat to know a name.
Makes your blog easier to follow.

Anonymous said...

@luna - I told Ms B about it, but she doesn't use the internet hardly at all. I mentioned it to Kelly a long time ago, but I doubt she remembers (in her social group pretty much everyone blogs, so it's kind of par for the course). As far as I know, Ray and Kevin don't know about it.

My personal take is that it's fine for people to write privately about the people in their lives, as long as they do it respectfully. I never write anything I haven't said to the person already in some form, or wouldn't mind them reading. (So there's a lot that's left unwritten...)

Anonymous said...

@abebech - That's awesome. But who gets to be Ishtar?

abebech said...

There's plenty to go around: Someone gets to be "Waterworld" (or heck, KevinCostner) and someone else . . . "HowardtheDuck." The real question is "Who is 'Pluto Nash'?"

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