February 17, 2009

Assorted Back Patting

I'm excited to the point of dorkiness to say that one of my old posts, The Missing Player, is featured at Blog Nosh today. Thank you, Deb!


Also, last week Mom Dot featured me in one of their Fab Fifteen Bloggers posts, this one focused on parenting blogs. I think I was the token adoptive parent, but, heck, I don't mind. T's blog even got a little shout-out.


Finally, Lavonne was nice enough to give me an Uber Amazing Blog award! Thanks, Lavonne! Now it's my turn to pass it on to five blogs.

Here are the official rules: The “uber amazing blog” is a blog award given to sites who...
  • inspire you
  • make you smile and laugh
  • or maybe give you amazing information
  • are a great read
  • have an amazing design
  • and any other reason you can think of that makes them uber amazing!
This made the rounds of a lot of the great adoption blogs awhile back. So I thought I would share five of my favorite non-adoption blogs with you. (Even though this isn't really the sort of thing I expect any of these blogs to participate in.)

Sociological Images: Two sociology professors post current and vintage images, with a hint of commentary. It's like all the conversations we'd have after American Studies class in college.

Feministing: All the conversations we'd have after Women's Studies class.

Electric Boogaloo: If you don't read Tiffany's stories about her unbelievably creative, unique young sons, you're missing out. One of the few blogs which makes me laugh out loud.

Filthy Commerce: Written by a business and technology reporter who wanted "a blog that took money seriously, but not so seriously that money began getting an inflated view of its own worth." It's the only personal finance blog I've ever found that actually interests me.

Chookooloonks: Technically, Karen is an adoptive mom, but she stopped writing about her daughter's adoption a few years ago. Her photographs and words inspire me to find beauty in my life every day. And I really, really want the interior of my house to look like hers.

Now it's your turn to point me to some good blogs. What are some of your non-adoption daily reads?

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