December 22, 2008

Small Bits

We had tickets to fly off to spend the week with Tom's family yesterday, but our flight was canceled along with most everyone else's in the area. I think something like only a dozen flights left the airport.

So! We're rebooked for a post-Christmas trip and we're crossing our fingers that this one will take. We have over a foot of snow in our backyard, which is unheard of around here. And another storm predicted for Christmas Ever--yikes. I am glad the rescheduling worked out. It was looking like we were going 0 for 3 for first parent visits this month for awhile there, which would have been disappointing. Puppy is at an age where those face-to-face interactions are so crucial and it's been a long time since we've seen either K or R.


We bundled the kids into carriers last night and took a walk around the neighborhood looking at lights on houses. It was wonderfully, beautifully, peacefully magical.

Firefly kept wanting to turn her face up toward the falling snow. Then she'd be shocked when the snow was wet. Every single time.


We watched the Sex and the City movie last night. It was about a C- anyway, but gets a total F from me for the "My doctor said all little infertile me needed to do to get pregnant is adopt!" scene. And for not even having the adopted daughter hanging out at the hospital with the rest of her family after the birth. Lame.


We're giving away my favorite carrier for itty-bitty babies over at Northwest Mom Finds (the wrap of my neighborhood flashing incident). And at my review blog I'm writing about a new website for parents and educators looking for quality children's books. Check them out if you're so inclined.

But I'd rather hear you're having much holiday fun! What is your household up to today? Are you snowed in, or free to roam?


Sam said...

Being that I am homebound until Ukulele gets the "social" clearance from her doc... I did not go outside. But everytime I opened the door to let the dog out, it felt cold. Well, cold for here. It was about 45 today. I love the south! There are days, however, that I miss the snow (I grew up in it). Not the nasty just-been-plowed snow, but the beautiful, slowly falling, fat flake snow.

Hope your post-Christmas trip works out!


Lori said...

So sorry to hear you're delayed. But I suppose knowing about the cancelled flight before you got stuck at the airport is a good thing. Good luck on the second attempt!

We are completely snowed in and lost power for a few hours this morning. So I'm just bored out of my gourd but counting my blessings when it comes to heat/tv/computer and other power-related necessities!

Tammy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your postponed trip... if I know you at all, you'll find a way to make this a wonderful time for your family. I sure am excited that we won't be travelling anywhere until Sunday. It's not because of the weather, but Hubby's job, and I love that we get this time just the four of us. We need it.

It sounds like you are having some crazy weather for your area!! We have had loads of snow and have been living under a wind chill advisory for well over a week now. Today it warmed up to a balmy -5F but down to -15F with windchill. We deal with it and nothing shuts down... you just bundle up and plug your cars in and hope they start when it is time to go!

FWIW, I don't think you overshared regarding your journey to Firefly. What you did share sure got me to thinking about how we need to be more pro-active in the process and decision making. I can't imagine being like the couple you mention sharing what they have. It truly is a fine line and I struggle too though, to know what to share and what not to share for privacy's sake. Needless to say I rarely talk in details about anything related to our specific situations, at least as much as I am able. You do an excellent job of that I think.

Hoping that some visits work out soon with your kids' other families. You are right... it is a crucial time. Bug is approaching five and I worry that we've missed that really important bonding window. It's not for lack of trying on our part but it still is. Hoping as always for you all!

And shutting up now... hope you have a blessed Christmas!

DrSpouse said...

I agree with you about the storyline in SATC but I was at least a little impressed that they managed to give the older daughter a name that was possible in Chinese plus named the younger one "after" the older one.

Anonymous said...

@DrSpouse - I agree, the Lily/Rose thing was a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

I'm WORKING today and tomorrow morning, but the drive into work started to get slick this morning with a little sleety action. Hubby is unexpectedly off work today so is going to brave the elements and finish shopping. Then we'll all be home until the 2nd (me) and 5th(Bryan and Woob). merry Christmas!!

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