December 28, 2008

Mixed Signals

We are in Southern California for Christmas II right now. The temperature here is over twice what it was the day we left home, so if you are trying to find us, we're the ones wandering around in short sleeves amidst all the people in puffy coats.

I'm writing this furtively on my in-laws' computer. My online world is super duper top secret as far as family is concerned, and I have every intention of keeping it that way. Which generally isn't that hard to do, until you are staying at their home.

Puppy's first mom came over tonight with her parents and the new baby. The conversation stayed pleasant. The sister-baby was passed around, presents were exchanged. Her mom engaged quite a bit with Puppy and seemed to genuinely enjoy the whole evening. Puppy and Firefly were their charming selves.

K talked with T and me, she talked with T's parents, she played some with her daughter and with Firefly. And she never interacted directly with Puppy except for the two minutes we asked to take some pictures.

Eeps, someone is coming down the hallway, so I must hide all evidence of my sneaky blogging. Puppy's first dad arrives in the morning and I am so looking forward to seeing him.

P.S. She was really excited about the hand-me-down shirts.


luna said...

glad you snuck in a few minutes for yourself here (and for us!). so interesting about the first family interactions. what did puppy make of it all?

also happy to hear she was excited about the big brother shirts. very cute.

Andy said...

I'm glad the hand-me downs went over well!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm glad the new baby will get shirts too. Thanks for giving us updates! I hope you got some clarity or at least hope about the situation with K. To me, this reads like a good sign.

susan said...

Glad the hand-me-downs are getting used again--I'm not all that sentimental about clothes myself but I do like tracing connections among kids who share clothes. Hope your super-secret blogging stays that way, too. Very daring to be blogging on the road!

Anonymous said...

I am going to say this anonymously so the comment cannot be linked back to my not so secret blog. We took our 6 1/2 yo to have Christmas with his b-family the Sunday before Christmas. I had hopes that his b-mom would spend some one-on-one time with him, but it did not happen. I was disappointed, but I also know that I should not put expectations on how I think it should go. I must do my part, show my son that I want him to see her and the rest of her family, and not have any expectations going into it. Sorry for Puppy, I worry about how mine will feel about the lack of attention as he gets older.

Anonymous said...

I was the Southern Californian IN the giant jacket, probably with a scarf on, and chattering away :)

Very glad to hear the shirts were well received!

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