November 12, 2008


Did you know International Babywearing Week kicks off today?

Wearing your baby doesn't mean you're a better parent. But it sure is an awesome way to bond with your little ones. And, on the practical side, both of your hands are free to get things done.

I'm an incurable baby carrier buyer, held back only by financial constraints and the sneaky feeling it might be in bad taste to own 45 slings. Our latest is an Ergo (thanks to the awesome Lori). It rocks because I can carry three-year old Puppy in it and feel all comfy and supported. A great choice for someone looking for something that works with a wider age range than a sling and who doesn't want to learn how to tie a wrap.

And you can have one, too! We're giving away an entire Ergo system (carrier, backpack, and front pack) at Northwest Mom Finds. Go enter!

Visit here to read more posts in honor of International Babywearing Week and maybe even win a new sling for your stash!


Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

I'd love to try out an ERGO! Heading there now!


cynthia said...

I am a total sling slut- its the one baby thing I spent money on. I have and love the ergo, new native, sutemi, bjorn and even a couple more.... but not 50 yet. still under 10. for now.

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