November 02, 2008

Do You Think Xavier Roberts Signed Their Bums?

As long as we're talking about dolls, get a load of these:

Why, yes, those are Cabbage Patch Kids in the form of the Democratic and Republican nominees.

Poor Joe Biden looks like a cross between a baby and an over-the-hill Mafia accountant. Apparently the males are wearing special Democratic and Republican boxer shorts. No word on what is gracing Gov. Palin's special bits. But they sure went all out with the trademark Cabbage Patch cankles on her.

The eBay auction for the Palin doll is currently over $9,500. For this:

Biden's is stuck at $710.

We're almost there, folks--Tuesday is close enough that we can count down the hours! I'm bubbling in the rest of my ballot tomorrow and having Puppy drop it in the ballot box at our grocery store. (I love voting in this state. So freaking easy.) What are your voting plans?

Whichever candidate you're supporting, I hope all of you (eligible Americans) are voting. Our nation wasn't founded on the principles of free-market capitalism (whatever some might try to make you believe), but the belief that the governed should have a say in the government which represents them. Exercise your rights, use your voice.


Anonymous said...

Oh my... Those dolls are frightening.

We voted! In our area it's all by mail. The good part of that is that it's easy, you can vote early, and no waiting in lines at all. I do wish, however, that my boys could have the experience of coming to the voting station with us. It's just not so exciting for them to sit at the table with us while we're filling in our bubbles. Next time I'll take them with me to a caucus. We do plan to watch some election coverage tomorrow (if Beloved and I can stand it).

Anonymous said...

That is just . . . disturbing.

JJandFive said...

That's hilarious : )

Lori said...

Whoa, those are freaky little things. Chucky comes to mind.

I voted a few weeks ago and have been holding my breath waiting for the rest of the country to catch up.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at how easy the voting is in your state! I'm very glad that I stood in line for early voting, because we've had a death in the family, and I wouldn't have been able to vote if I had waited for Election Day.

Anonymous said...

@mayhem - We're all by mail, too. But I never manage to fill it out in time to mail it, so I end up at the drop boxes. I do miss being able to involve the kids, like you can in a voting booth.

@lori - Why doesn't it surprise me that you got your ballot done right away. ;)

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