November 18, 2008

Do and Don't

I couldn't find a meme I wanted to do, so I'm starting my own.

Five things I should know how to do, but don't:
  1. Walk in high heels. I've looked like a toddler wearing her mother's shoes in every wedding I've been in. Except my own. Because I wore flats.
  2. Answer people who ask me, "So, why did you guys adopt?" You'd think I'd have a good response by now, but, no.
  3. Purchase and apply make-up. I went through the blue eyeshadow phase in junior high, then the thick black eyeliner phase in high school, then the "make-up is oppressive" phase in college, and came out the other side with no idea how to look like an adult.
  4. Play trains. You build a track, push the train around a few times. Then what? How is this interesting? Puppy and T can play trains all evening.
  5. Speak another language. I've spent the time to become proficient in another language twice. And now I can't remember more than the basics in either one. LAME.
Five things I do well, thank you very much:
  1. Follow a recipe. I'm a great cook with a piece of paper telling me what to do. Especially baking.
  2. Keep track of money. Although it's audit time at work and I'm wishing accounting wasn't my thing.
  3. See the big picture. I'm good at taking in a bunch of information and figuring out how it all fits together and intersects. This is probably why I was good at school. This is also why you want me to sit on your organization's board.
  4. Read what's going on for my kids. I realize that will get harder as they grow older. But right now I'm pretty good at knowing what they need and how to help them in any given moment.
  5. Kiss. I'm an awesome kisser. Or so I've been told. Ahem.
If you're a fellow NaBloPopper--or just looking for something to write about--consider yourself tagged! If you pick it up, let me know in the comments so I can come read all about you.

6 comments: said...

Fun to read about you....and especially the heels part. I can't hold myself in them either!

Jenn Mc said...

Love the created meme. While I LOVE my high heels, I too don't have an answer to the Why'd you adopt question. Then I sometimes wish I didn't have to...

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I'd say walking in heels is one of the things I CAN do very well, thank you!

And of course the kissing.

Mrs.X said...

Fabulous meme! I did it over on my blog.

Unknown said...

A bit late, but my response is up on my blog:

Jennifer said...

Found you through Blogger Bingo. It's so funny that you describe yourself looking like a toddler in your mom's heels. I can totally relate. With the makeup thing too. Exactly when is a grown woman supposed to go to learn these things? I need a class on how to be an adult.

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