November 09, 2008

3BT #10

Three beautiful things, rainy weekend inside with the kids edition:
  • Listening to a toddler explore and experiment with language.  Puppy has a slew of made-up words that he gleefully uses at every opportunity: stromp, stromboom, boomstromp, stromdrum, roh-hah. And lately when he doesn't have an answer to a question, he tells you, "I can't know, Mama. I can't know."

  • Baby girls in dressy coats and rib knit tights

  • That final peaceful, focused look babies give you before drifting to sleep in your arms
What is beautiful in your world today?

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Lori said...

This 3BT is brought to you by the letter "S."

1. Snuggles. My 10m old digs his face into my neck and grabs on tight.

2. Sillies. Sharing a giggle over silly faces, silly songs or silly dances.

3. Soup. Is there anything better on a rainy day?

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