October 02, 2008

Step 1: Freak Out; Step 2: Let the Internet Calm You Down

Thank you for all of the advice. I appreciated and reflected on every comment. I feel much more grounded after listening to your thoughts. It was good to be reminded just how straightforward kids are at this age. I think you are all right that Puppy will take this as it's explained to him for now. The basic facts probably won't trouble him yet, since the complexity behind the facts just won't occur to him. Any possible complications will come down the road. It always seems to come back to the basics: respect children's emotions, follow where they're pointing, answer in honesty and love.

I often do better in the moment with Puppy. It's easier for me to see things through kids' eyes--and put them into kids' words--when I'm interacting with them. Being surprised by this situation overwhelmed me and sent my mind into overdrive. I'm sure you're all shocked--shocked!--to hear I tend to overthink things. (Case in point: every other post on this blog.)

We won't talk to Puppy about it until we're closer to seeing her, but I'll let you know how it goes then. Do pray or wish good things or send positive energy for K's pregnancy.

And, Andy--I'm keeping your words close for later.

How did folks ever navigate unusual parenting situations like open adoption before the internet? Lordy, I'd feel so alone without it.


Lori said...

The internet is cheap therapy, that's for sure. Was there life before the world wide web? I seem to recall a childhood sans computers but it's all fuzzy. If only I'd blogged as a child, then I'd remember.

cynthia said...

i wanted to add: one thing i believe is that if the adults in a situation can handle a difficult truth, the kids usually can, too. and by the time he's old enough to need you to help navigate it, you'll have had time and will be ready. that's what i think anyway. :)

Mama said...

Hi! I found your blog linked to one of the other blogs I read and wanted to say that I've been reading your blog for the past few weeks and really enjoy it. I'm a fellow open adoptive parent and always love hearing about the stories of other parents with open adoptions.

Fellow Adoptive Parent

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