August 15, 2008

The Next Cutting Edge Adoption Issue?

If my rabbits' records* are opened before my son's**, there will be hell to pay.

I'm all kinds of curious about this now. Is there really such a thing as a pet adoption record? And why in God's green earth would it be closed? Do they issue little breeding certificates with the owners' names listed as the biological parents?

* Don't tell anyone, but there aren't any records. Our rabbits were totally black-market adoptions.
** Firefly was adopted in an open records state.


SJ said...

LOL I love seeing what Google searches bring up my blog :p Pretty funny stuff.

TherapyisExpensive said...

All I can say to this is..WTF...

unsignedmasterpiece said...

Personally I find this a little offensive. Open adoption not withstanding.

Heather.PNR said...

@unsignedmasterpiece, I do apologize if my flippancy hurt you. I was flabbergasted that the concept of open/closed animal adoption records even existed when there is the very real, ongoing injustice of people's closed records. I found that rather offensive and was trying to poke fun at that. But sometimes humor falls flat.

Thank you for reading. I hope you'll stop by again.

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