July 17, 2008

I Need Some Prodding, Y'all

I'm drawing a blank on writing topics lately. I thought I'd open the floor for questions, large or small. Is there anything you'd like to know?


Anonymous said...

How did you and your husband meet? What was your major in college? What was the craziest thing you did in high school or college? Who made your cool new header?

Anonymous said...

I'm totally in love with just about everything you write (and I only say "just about" because I've never taken the time to start from post one and read all the way through - but ever since I started reading, yup, enjoyed it!)

I'm easy to please :)

Anonymous said...

How did you navigate the emotional rollercoaster of waiting during the adoption process? My husband and I are adopting domestically, and we are finding the waiting and rejections to be quite challenging. It's a bittersweet time for us.

Thank you for writing this blog--many of your reflections have been very helpful for me as we move through this process.

Sonya said...

Our agency group has been having the ongoing discussion about how much is too much in open adoption. Both of our adoptions are very open. We visit at each other's houses, our youngest has even been babysat (he's 20 months now) t our house by b-mom and her mom. Our oldest (now 6) was taken fishing by his b-mom and husband (not BF) about 6 months ago.
Trust is a big issue--our motto is "let go, and let God". What do you think??

Heather said...

Yay, so many good things to write about! And Thanksgivingmom and Bailan, thank you thank you etc. for your kind words.

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