May 23, 2008

Serentity Now!

Kendra made me laugh with her recent comment:
I'm always wondering if you're as calm and serene about parenting as you seem to be when you write.
Kendra, you are my new favorite person.

I was in my bedroom when I read her comment. I had shut myself in there (with Firefly) because I could not take the insanity that was 4:00 p.m. Puppy for one more minute without completely blowing my top. A reverse time out, if you will.

So my answer is going to have to be, "No." Hee.

(I'm an analytical person and I think that's probably what comes through in my writing. I'm always thinking about what my emotions instead of just feeling them.)

(Puppy responded to my reverse time-out by sitting outside the bedroom door trying to draw me out. "Mama, I'm taking off my diaper...My diaper is on the floor, Mama...I'm playing with the soap, Mama...")


Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to be happy that you're human like everyone else or dismayed that you aren't going to be able to teach me any superhuman, calm, serene parenting skills when I need them! *grin*

Btw, I turned in our first round of homestudy paperwork today. Eeee! The process is officially starting!

And P.S. The "word verification" showing up for me right now is "mmmfu." Heh.

Heather said...

Sorry to disappoint you. :)

In seriousness, one piece of advice that really helps me is to picture my child and I on the same side of a line facing off against The Problem. It's the opposite of seeing myself squaring off against him. He's not the problem, the problem is tiredness or teething or boredom or just being a little kid in an adult world or whatever. It helps me to think of it as he and I tackling The Problem together as a team.

And congrats on starting the process!

NH Yocal said...

Reverse time outs are a great idea! Mine would be doing the same thing with trying to get my attention...crazy kids!

Mindy said...

Oh soo funny -- I love that kids still in diapers already know how to taunt! And, I too love reverse timeouts. When my daughter was a bit younger, if I raised my voice she would tell me I needed to go into a timeout. Usually I would respond by telling her she was right and taking a few minutes to myself. :)

sara said...

I cam over from NaComLeavMo to say hi and your post made me smile. I love the concept of the reverse timeout. Have you seen that one commercial that is out right now that the mom leaves her fighting son and daughter in the family room and goes to her room saying it's "time for someone to have a timeout." She means herself and she sinks into her new Ikea furniture. Both that commercial and your post left me smiling!

Kim said...

Hi, found your blog through NaComLeavMo. It's a different perspective for me, to be reading about full-blown parenting experiences rather than infertility or newborn experiences.

I love the reverse timeout label. I've done the same thing when overwhelmed with friends' kids, but didn't have such a great name to give it.

Sam said...

That was funny. I can just imagine a toddler giving you a play-by-play of what he is going to get your attention.

momofonefornow said...

Oh my gosh! Reverse time-outs are my favorite moments! We have finally reached the age (4) where he realizes that I will not respond to threats like diaper removal and soap messes. That is a glorious moment.

In Due Time said...

Have you come out of the room yet? Hah. :-)

Miss Feisty said...

Hola from NaComLeavMo!

This made me laugh so hard & I could totally see the "reverse timeout" taking place.

I think it's also hilarious that your little boy was taunting you to come out!! :)

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