January 26, 2008

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?

The big boy bed thing? With the tucking in at night? Is awesome. Watching him wriggle his legs under the sheets. Snuggling in next to him--the boy so wee that the pulled-tight covers look nearly flat, his head and shoulders peeking out like a pocket square in a suit. Telling stories while his round eyes peep up at you. Slipping out of the room with a kiss on the forehead and a final pat on the sheets. No crib rail blocking you. No wrangling a lanky, sleepy body from rocking chair to crib.

If I had known how much this rocked I would have put him in that big bed months ago.


JJandFive said...

It's much easier to snuggle with them in a bed too... as opposed to climbing into the crib with them ; )

Anonymous said...

Yea, once they are really into the big bed, it is so sweet. I love patting that little form and giving the last kiss goodnight.

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