December 18, 2007

Waging His Own War on Christmas

The nativity sets are getting a lot of action in our house these days. Many nights after dinner T and Puppy act out the nativity story using the little figurines with a few ornaments thrown in for good measure (Mary and Joseph sometimes take the train to Bethlehem and Emperor Augustus looks quite a bit like a nutcracker). Puppy especially appreciates the sheep and seems convinced that their numbers are the mark of a good celebration. "More sheep! More sheep!" he chirps.

Last night he insisted we build a house for baby Jesus. Tiny infant Jesus soon had a Lego home with a modest castle next door for the Magi.

Later T and I were having a conversation in the kitchen and apparently not paying Puppy the attention he felt he deserved. There was a crash from the living room followed by Puppy running circles through the house yelling, "I smash Jesus! I smash Jesus!"

He was so proud.

I only wish I had a video to send to my parents-in-law, who remain convinced I am just this side of heathen.


Reid said...

hehe--and thanks to the Woob's exuberance, our Joseph only has one arm now. But we do all kiss Baby Jesus nite nite before bed :)


Clementine said...

That's pretty funny!

Hester's grandparents just sent her a nativity set. When we unwrapped all the pieces, she tried to eat the baby Jesus. I sent my in-laws a picture and I just know they're horrified!

Lauren said...


You're a step ahead of me--we don't even HAVE a nativity! If my child knows who Jesus is it'd be a miracle (no pun intended...)

Andromeda Jazmon said...

That is adorable!

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