October 01, 2007

The Hunt for Orange this October

Fall is here and it's time to bring out the favorite sweaters, worn-in jeans and funky accessories. Each year, I eagerly await the fall styles to appear at Old Navy and Kohl's.

This year, I'm having trouble finding anything orange. Is orange out because Halloween is near? Are we afraid to look like the Great Pumpkin? I understand that fear, but come on, I just want one somewhat orange piece!

So far I've found these:

The shawl-collar sweater in "sweet pollen".

The v-neck cardigan in "oxygen".

The twin set sweater in "rosemary green".

The wool v-neck in "regal teal".

A striped pleat skirt, not really orange.

This hideous thing has some orange in it.

My husband could wear that. Ha. ha.

Alas. After several hours of online non-shopping. I haven't found a single thing that is orange that looks decent. If I want to celebrate the color of pumpkins, candied orange slices and my favorite drink (duh...screwdrivers!) I'll have to settle for this little number (and start rooting for the Detroit Tigers):

Yuck. No Brewer's fan would be caught dead in that.

Looks like I'll be wearing a lot of black this year. I've found an abundance of clothing in that color.


Dana writes about her life at her personal blog The Dana Files. She resides in Wisconsin with her husband (Doug), three-year-old son (Dawson), and boston terrier (Murphy). You can find Heather at Dana's place today. This post is part of this month's blog exchange, in which the theme is "Orange or Black". If you'd like to participate in November's blog exchange, click here for details.


Anonymous said...

I love the fall and bringing out all the fall sweaters (or getting new ones!)

I like the pleated skirt!

dawn224 said...

I bet you'll look lovely in black!

Anonymous said...

Laura, I love the sweater season, too. And burning leaves. That's the definition of autumn for me!

Dawn, I honestly think everyone assumes I go to a lot of funerals. I have a lot of black clothing!

Anonymous said...

Oooo all those clothes look fantastic. I personally am not a wear orange girl, but black I like!

Heather said...

When you're my size, you tend to avoid orange at all costs since I really would resemble a pumpkin.

I just found a cute orange top for my daughter though!

Anonymous said...

oh dear - 'sweet pollen' looks rather jaundicifying (um... you know what I mean...). where did all this non colour come from? grey everything around here. now, I like grey. but everything?? bleh

Momo Fali said...

I like black AND orange...though not together. Can't wear much black though, thanks to my yellow lab. I end up looking like I'm the dog.

soccer mom in denial said...

I really like the skirt too!

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