October 20, 2007


Adult adoptees have a civil right to their original birth records.

That right is still denied or abridged in an overwhelming majority of states.

Here is why we should all care:

If you're as moved as I was, be sure to leave a reaction over at YouTube. The video is an entry in a national competition which has the potential to bring a lot of attention to this important issue.


Corey~living and loving said...

I'll have to wait until Tuesday to see the video...my computer at home can't handle it.
I am hoping I remember to check. I really want to see it.

KrazyMom said...

Loved the video! My ex-husband is adopted. We have no medical history and very basic information, the rest is "sealed". We have an eight year old daughter together, it would be great to have more information for the both of them!

Cindi said...

Definitely a though-provoking video. I have a cousin who is a adopted and he has had contact with both of his birth parents since becoming an adult. It was crucial for him to move on in his life. I believe these laws should be changed to, at least, allow the opportunity for adoptees to view their records. Thanks for the video.

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