September 24, 2007

"Making Room in Our Hearts"

I am on a short trip for work right now. Missing the family but kind of loving the personal time. Yesterday evening I ambled through one of my favorite bookstores, sitting down several times to leaf through books which caught my eye. Funny how the things that once were timewasters now feel like such luxuries.

One of the books I took back to my hotel room and stayed up late reading was Micky Duxbury's Making Room in Our Hearts. It's an excellent, realistic look at openness in adoption. It hit a note of authenticity that I don't always find in open adoption books--there was a familiarity to the families' stories. And it's always refreshing to read something that approaches openness not as a choice, but as a standard. Absolutely worth reading for anyone considering domestic adoption or thinking about openness.

Now that I've finished it, it's silly to let it sit on my shelf. Why not share it with my adoption friends? Our little city has a decent public library system, but it just isn't large enough to carry a lot of niche books. (One more reason I'm itching to move to the biggish city to the north of us.) Because of that, it's been hard to get my hands on a lot of adoption titles I'm interested in reading. They're not the books that get passed around the Thursday playgroup, you know? I'm sure some of you are in the same boat I am. So if you're interested in reading Making Room in Our Hearts, shoot me an email and I'll send it to you. I only ask that you mail it back to me when you're done.

ETA: Review up at Open Adoption Support.


Angela said...

I would LOVE to read it and sent it back! Sounds like a great book, and its been a while since I've read anything adoption related.

Lauren said...

I love that book! It makes me sad sometimes because I don't think openness like that will ever exist with my son's aparents, but it's a great book!

The Greek Mama said...

Thanks for your comment. I am going to go to the book store and pick up a few books myself. That will definitely be one that I pick up! Have a great day!

Laura said...

Hi Heather :)

Assuming you've had the book returned to you & borrowing it is still an option, I would love to borrow it & send it back

My email is
If you don't mind emailing me, I'll give you my mailing info :)


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