September 12, 2007

An Itsy Bitsy Contest

One of my guilty pleasures is my subscription to Entertainment Weekly. There is not a single thing written in it that has lasting value in this world. But it's one of my few connections to pop culture these days, since the last movie I saw in the theater was...let me think..."The Lake House." Which was a piece of crap. Which I would have known if I hadn't let my EW subscription lapse for a few months.

The fall TV season preview arrived on Monday, an issue whose popularity in our house is rivaled only by the Sports Illustrated college football preview. As you might guess, who gets to control the TiVo in our house in the fall can require complex negotiations. Especially since our viewing time is mostly limited to when Puppy is in bed.

Anyway, my renewal notice came with a free one-year gift subscription to EW--and I want to give it to you. I know there are some fellow devotees of good television here (mama2roo, I'm looking at you). So let's have a little contest!

To enter, just leave a comment at this post:
  • If you're a parent, share the most inappropriate TV show or movie your child has been exposed to thus far. (I watched almost an entire season of 24 on DVD with baby Puppy in my arms.)
  • If you're child-free, tell me which show you're most looking forward to in the fall season.
I'll choose a winner at random on 9/21. Have fun!

ETA: You can still enter even if you're already a subscriber. The gift subscription will just add an extra year onto your existing subscription.


abebech said...

I'm already an EW subscriber -- we love it and fight over it here.
I can't tell you what my kids have seen, but I can tell you at my son's age I snuck out of bed to watch Slapshot silently from the hall. Probably only because it was forbidden.

BlessedWithDaughters said...

OK, I'll play! I did both an entire season of LOST and the entire last season of HOUSE while BabyGirl was still bottle-feeding and we were doing the nightly rocking-to-sleep deal. Girly often slipped down the stairs after she'd been put to bed for the night, and would watch from the next room. The way we'd catch her was when we'd hear her either gasp (at scary moments) or giggle (during colorful expletives or kissing scenes). ACK!

Anonymous said...

*hangs head* Nicholas was recently in the room when Josh (and I, shh) were watching some of The Family Guy. As you can imagine, the jokes are not exactly 22 month old appropriate. Thankfully, he was busy playing with trucks and didn't repeat anything. At the moment.

Anonymous said...

The SOPRANOS (not the Bravo watered down version, either). There were just times before we got the DVR that we had to watch it when we could watch it. In my defense, it was when Woobie was a newborn and we did try to cover his eyes and ears as the people were being "whacked."

*hangs head in utter shame*

What a fun contest and thanks for remembering that I am a shameless tv fool. I can honestly tell you that I am so sick of watching baseball that I could DIE. Come On, Fall Premiers!!

Courtney said...

I just wanted to stop by to say thank you for the kind comments you posted for me today.

Lauren said...

Jenna, don't feel bad--my daughter has snuck out of her room during viewings of Family Guy. She has also been present (unknowingly) while I was watching the uncensored version of that SNL skit, "D*ck in a box".


Candace said...

The Hills on MTV. Which is really bad because I'm trying to raise a free thinking feminist. but my brain candy is too good to give up so I'm a hypocrite. and inconsistent! Time to double up on the Free to Be You and Me video!

Clementine said...

Ooh...we get most of our TV through the Netflix, but so far Hester has been exposed to 90210, Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, and Sex and the City reruns. I'm a terrible hypocrite because I'm adamant that she not watch TV herself until she's in school, if not later. I plan to tell her that "TV's for grownups." You know, like coffee and Diet Coke. Bad Mama!

VDog said...

I used to get EW, US, People and more all at the same time. Ah, the joys of a single life with no diapers to buy.

The worst thing Little Man has seen so far would have to be Gears of War on XBox 360. TOTALLY inappropriate gore, guns, etc. But he wasn't very old yet??? That's my excuse, heh.

Now I'm more careful, much to daddy's chagrin, now that he has a clue about what's going on around him.

Other than that, real network TV would have to be NBA Basketball and/or Survivor.

Josi said...

Law and Order--I'm totally addicted and the kids come home when I'm 20 minutes into a show (since it runs for like 4 hours in the afternoon) They come in and sit down while I'm cleaning and cooking and whatever. it seems to take me a good half an hour and key words like 'incest' 'rape' or 'gaping wounds' before I key into the fact that my children are vegging out. I also got my 13 and 11 year old into Lost. Luckily, when it went bonkers (IMO) we stopped and had a discussion. I'm a TV fiend--picky, but dedicated to the craft of my TV-watching-skills.

Melissa said...

Well, my son absolutely LOVES Dancing With the Stars (he's 4). I never gave it too much thought until he disapprovingly said, "mama, those girls need more clothes on." I guess so!

Christine said...

I don't know where to start...we had our son convinced that Austin Powers was better than Blues Clues until he was three(we fast-forwarded through anything remotely violent). We figured he wouldn't get the innuendos...he just asked to watch "The Silly Guy."

Now he's nine, and when he was eight we started letting him watch SpongeBob.

Aaaaaaaaaand now we let our four year old daughter watch it with him.

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