August 14, 2007

South of the Border

It turns out that when you log in to Blogger in Mexico it's in Spanish. Who knew?

We're on a lovely combination business trip/vacation with my co-workers from all over the world. Last night Puppy was playing with a group of kids from Honduras, Thailand, Brazil, North Africa and the U.S. How cool is that? The nice thing about toddlers is that they don't rely too much on verbal communication, so they jump over language barriers much easier than we adults.

The internet connection at the hotel is pitiful, so my plans to make my internet rounds during nap time have been thwarted. Puppy is stirring in his crib--time to publicar entrada. See you all next week!

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Tammy said...

Color me green... that sounds so incredibly lovely. Hope you, DH and Puppy have a great time!

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