July 11, 2007


For a few years I self-righteously mocked Bugaboo strollers. Particularly around Los Angeles, where the trendiness of a neighborhood could be measured by the ratio of Bugaboos to plebian strollers on the streets.

I elevated it to a matter of principle. "Who pays $700 for a stroller?" I'd gripe. "You're paying $300 for the stroller and $400 for the brand name. People only want it because it's popular. And it's ugly."

My neighbor had one and cleaned it with a toothbrush. "You almost have to for those prices," said I.

But now this is making my heart go pitter-patter:

I love it. As I push Puppy around our neighborhood, I dream of myself at its helm. It's practical, it's adjustable, it's got a small footprint.

And it's growing trendier by the minute.

And it's almost $500.

Oh, dear.

P.S. In my defense, I've had my eye on it since before the Bugabooers had their second children and crowned it their new favorite. Somehow that's not making me feel any better about all my schemes to get my hands on one.

P.P.S. Did you just see that pathetic attempt at self-justification? Oh. My. Goodness.


Going Back to Square One said...

Whatever makes you sleep at night, dearest. ;-)

If you have to push two munchkins around, you might as well be comfortable...and STYLISH. Think about it: If you were to buy Puppy another GOOD stroller? What, another $200, $300 bucks? And Newbaby? Probably close to the same?

Make yourself a deal. Go check it out. Put the Pupster in the back. Attach the Punkinseat adapter to the front. Parade around the store. Be honest...not dazzled. Kick the tires. Open and close the thing one-handed three times with a kid on your hip and your diaper bag over your shoulder. Heft it into the back of the MiniV. Check out the requisite cupholders and doodads. Make sure it has enough space to stuff Grandma Molly into the basket. Ask about the special wheel-spike adapters for vindictive attacks on pushy Christmas shoppers.


If this Bugaboo still rocks your world, buy the damn thing! ;-) We can't take it with us!

Heather said...

That's the thing! I've seen it in person, pushed it around, drooled over it. I've stopped people on the street to ask them about theirs. (I'm a bit of a stroller junkie, it's a little embarassing.) The thing rocks. I just can get around the ridiculous price.

Erin said...

The Phil and Ted's is AWESOME! My best friend has one for her two boys and it is wonderful. She can take both her boys off road, both enjoy the ride it is comfortable, it has saddlepacks. OMG It is awesome. I have the valco baby that converts to a double, and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!! Off road strollers baby!

We were given a bugaboo as a gift and I hated it! Yes they are trendy, but I found them kinda hard to push and annoying to put together.

I'm also a total stroller junkie. We have had five for one child in a year, and still have four!

I'm a total fan of the tires vs the plastic wheels. The tires are AWESOME!

Heather said...

Oops, I meant to say I just CAN'T get around the ridiculous price.

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