June 01, 2007

We've Trained Him Well

I am sitting on the living room floor, puffing away into an inflatable wading pool. It's slow-going. Feeling a little lightheaded, I stop with a sigh and say to no one in particular, "Man, this is exhausting."

Puppy looks over from across the room and stops what he's doing. He wanders into the kitchen and I can hear him rustling around.

Soon he's walking toward me, basket of strawberries in one hand and a Mike's Hard Lemonade in the other.

So I put him down for a nap and took him up on his offer.


Erin said...

That is hilarious! He got you "mommy juice"

Going Back to Square One said...

Oh, my. Oh, oh my.

*giggling hysterically*

That's so funny I think I just wet myself.

I was thinking of going to buy a baby pool today...that visual may have sealed the deal!

Anonymous said...

Mama's BA-BA, huh? I think I could hang out with the Pupmeister myself! Only if I could train him with Smirnoff Ic.e

StorkWatcher said...

Oh that is GREAT! What a guy...

I hope today he goes out to buy you an air compressor!

At least consider one of the small/cheap ones you can use your car cig lighter or a manual foot pump- it will make it much easier to pump up his bicycle tires later on! (And balls and pools and toys and....)

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