June 26, 2007

My Gifts to You

Because I'm a giver, here are two shiny links for you--one adoption-related, one not:

Here's your chance to get in on the ground floor of a forum for anyone connected to/thinking about openness in adoption: Open Adoption Support. Join it, use it, love it.

I heard about True Jeans at Susan Wagner's fashion blog. You punch in your measurements and some style preferences, and it gives you a list of specific jeans for your body type. I tried it a few weeks ago, rolled my eyes at all the suggested jeans which cost more than a week of groceries, and promptly forgot about it. Then while cruising through Macy's this weekend I noticed one of the reasonably-priced pairs from my list and tried them on. THEY FIT PERFECTLY. Un-frickin'-believable, people.


BlessedWithDaughters said...

Thanks for the tips! Can't wait to check them out...


Anonymous said...

Truejeans is cool. You should also check out www.zafu.com, they seem to do the same thing but I thought my results were much better

truejeans said...

Hi! My name is Kristen and I work as a content manager at www.truejeans.com. I wanted to thank you for mentioning True Jeans in your blog. I am happy to hear that your fit prediction was accurate. We are always working on fine tuning our fit algorithms though addition research and fit testing and it is great to hear that the predictions are right on!

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