June 14, 2007

Extroversion in Action

Puppy is a wee, walking extrovert, so when something excites him he immediately wants to share it with someone. This is handy, because if he ever gets into something he's not supposed to, he trots right over to show me.

So far today he has brought me:
  • a kiwi
  • an orange
  • a set of gift tags
  • several Pixie sticks from a party goodie bag
  • a roll of wrapping paper
  • a work file from my desk
  • a broom
  • T's guitar
  • a box of matches
  • a candle (to go with the matches, obviously)

When he tried to show me how to strike the matches, I started thinking we may need to be a little more careful about putting things away.

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Anonymous said...

It's as if they're tattling on themselves, isn't it?

Our little guy runs straight to us with the cordless or cell phones, TV remotes, or trash (although now he likes to take the trash directly to the trash can. We just have to watch him closely - his definition of "trash" and mine aren't necessarily the same!!)

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