May 05, 2007

Weekend Update

  1. Puppy can now open the refrigerator door on his own.
  2. In related news, raw eggs are incredibly difficult to clean up.
  3. I've sorted the list of children's books about adoption into some basic categories. I'm hoping to add brief descriptions as time goes on.
  4. A little fuel for the biology vs. socialization gender role debate: Puppy's morning activities included racing cars up and down the slide, trying on various BabyLegs/shoe combinations, building with TinkerToys, pushing Baby Doll in the stroller and "making" a snack in the toy kitchen. I'm just sayin'.
  5. I got an update (vague, for obvious privacy reasons) from our social worker on the potential placement we had several weeks ago. The woman gave birth to a son, whom she did end up placing for adoption with a family she selected. I was encouraged to hear was that she not only spent time holding her son in the hospital, but signed an open adoption agreement with the adoptive family. Some positive things in the midst of a difficult situation.

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Anonymous said...

FYI - the only good way to clean up eggs from the floor is to have it done professionally - by a housecat!

Ahh, fond childhood memories of our cat Pancake helping us out, any time we dropped an egg......

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