May 27, 2007


For the first year of Puppy's life, he only looked like his first dad. K joked a lot that if she hadn't given birth to him, she might doubt he was her kid.

Recently, though, his face has started to take on some of K's features. You can see her around his mouth and eyes, in the length of his face. It's really clear in the most recent pictures of the two of them together.

K mentions the growing resemblance a lot. I didn't think much about how frequently she referenced it, just chalked it up to the fun of seeing her features emerge in her baby or an affirmation her connection to him.

Tonight it hit me: Puppy is the only person she's ever seen who is related to her.

I've always thought about family resemblance in terms of what Puppy would see, both in his adoptive family and in his first family. I never thought about K finally seeing herself reflected in another person after all these years.

I am such a moron sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

I have a somewhat different experience, but my daughter looked nothing like me for awhile. My family had the same joke about her not really coming from me. I'm glad Puppy's firstmom is able to share those thoughts with you.

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