May 14, 2007

Oh, Baby

Went to a birthday dinner for a friend tonight. A perfect Pacific Northwest spring evening, first barbeque of the year. Kids running circles around clumps of adults as they chatted in the yard.

I glanced over to where a six-month old boy sat on a bright orange patch of blanket in the deep green grass. Puppy had plopped down across from him and was slowly petting his shoulder with a smile. "Baby," he laughed. "Bay-bee."

I think my ovaries flipped over.

I'm so ready to be waiting again.

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StorkWatcher said...

LOVE your comment "I think my ovaries flipped over" and being ready to be waiting again!

I can relate.......

Why does the adoption process have to take SO long, and the wait seem agonizingly interminable, yet they grow up SO fast before our eyes once we have our children????

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