March 14, 2007

T Minus 15 Hours

Tomorrow afternoon Puppy and I will head off to the airport to greet his first mom, K. I'm so glad the day is finally here.

I'm trying to keep the "schedule" low-key. K is coming primarily to see Puppy, so I'm working off the theory that keeping him happy is one of the keys to a good visit. My favorite moments with Puppy often happen when we're doing something he enjoys and he's filled with that unadulterated toddler joy. I'd love for her to have some moments like that with him, too. So on Friday we're going to storytime at the library, riding the carousel and playing in the park. Saturday we're having a St. Patrick's Day dinner with my parents (there is not a holiday that goes unmarked in my mother's home). I made an appointment for K and Puppy to have their picture taken (an idea I got here). She's especially excited about that.

An online friend was telling me about her first extended visit with her son's birth mom, how the three adults stayed up late that first night sitting around the kitchen table talking about the adoption, the child they shared, and just life in general. I think some version of that is what I want most for myself.

We are doing that frantic, last-minute house cleaning you do even though you know your house guest doesn't care. It's late and we're tired but full of nervous energy.

She's coming, she's coming!


Dawn said...

I'm up at a terrible hour of the morning (earache brought on by stress) so you likely won't get this 'til after the visit but hope it all goes well!!!!

MrsJennaHatfield said...

I just got all weepy. How very exciting for the lot of you. And yes, even though we have many, many visits under our belts, we have more than one night where we stay up until ridiculous hours of the night, talking about everything under the sun. Those are some of my favorite times.

Enjoy yourselves. :) And write about it!

Brandi-Your Personal Assistant said...

I just found your blog, and am impressed. I am one of those adoptive moms with a sister-like relationship with DS's first mom. We have had two visits with her and fdad staying 5 nights each visit. Anyway, you're right in having some loose plans, just be sure to leave plenty of free time for everyone to just do their thing...hanging out in the living romm playing on the floor with the kiddo is awesome for example.

Best of luck and I look forward to reading about the visit :)

Heather said...

Thank you all SO much for your kind comments! You don't know how much they meant to me.

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