March 06, 2007

50 Things

  1. I was born in New England.
  2. I only have one vague memory of living in New England. It involves snow and tall trees.
  3. My parents were not planning on having me.
  4. They were drunk when I was conceived.
  5. I turned out fine.
  6. My father did not want to have children because he was afraid he would not be a good parent.
  7. He changed his mind after I was born.
  8. My mother always wanted a big family.
  9. I have one younger brother.
  10. My father is an oceanographer, so we always lived near a coastline.
  11. Neither my brother nor I can stand seafood.
  12. I grew one inch every year from sixth grade through my first year of college.
  13. I am now 5’ 7”.
  14. I ate (only) an orange for lunch every day from 8th grade through high school.
  15. I never had a cold from 8th grade through high school.
  16. My family moved to the Pacific Northwest when I was three.
  17. We lived in a very white city.
  18. I went to college in Los Angeles one year after the riots.
  19. I was certain I would return to the Pacific Northwest when my four years of college were over.
  20. I stayed in Los Angeles for fourteen years.
  21. Living in Los Angeles changed me in some really good ways. It also made me more cynical.
  22. I recently moved back to my hometown, husband and toddler in tow.
  23. I miss L.A.
  24. My first official boyfriend is now my husband.
  25. We knew we were going to get married before we ever were engaged.
  26. I wanted to propose. So did he.
  27. On a beach in Malibu I asked him to ask me to marry him. He did.
  28. My husband and I both changed our names to [first name] [my last name before marriage] [his last name].
  29. My father-in-law has never forgiven us for changing my husband’s middle name.
  30. I still miss my old name.
  31. My husband and I met during college on a summer trip to Ghana.
  32. We went to Ghana to work at a school.
  33. My husband got to go back to Ghana last summer. I was jealous.
  34. We discussed adoption while we were still dating.
  35. I have an annoying medical condition that causes chronic pain.
  36. It is not the reason we adopted.
  37. It does make it tricky for me to conceive, carry, and birth a child.
  38. I do not know whether or not we will have a child who is genetically related to us.
  39. Most days I am okay with that.
  40. I have a graduate degree in theology.
  41. I have thought about pursuing a doctorate.
  42. I love to read.
  43. I hate to write.
  44. I spent two years as a campus minister at a Southern California college.
  45. I miss preaching.
  46. I have two pet rabbits.
  47. They live inside the house and use a litter box.
  48. I hate competition.
  49. I vote in every election.
  50. I cannot stand the sound of other people chewing.


Andromeda Jazmon said...

I had house rabbits as pets before too. They were litterbox trained. I found out I like cats better. Rabbits are softer and nice but not smart enough to use their paws to play with stuff.

I hate the sound of people chewing too.

I am trying to figure out where I know you from.

Heather said...

Cloudscome, hi! I'm terribly allergic to cats, so rabbits are my best option for a quiet, furry pet. I had many hamsters as a child, but always wanted something I could hold in my lap and pet.

I've been a devoted lurker on your blogs, but I don't think we've ever interacted anywhere. I'm usually too shy to even comment. But I have so enjoyed the honesty in your writing.

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